Picutre of Michael

Michael Piko

Head Tradie Coach and Solutions Consultant

Meet Michael, our Head Tradie Coach and Solutions Consultant. With a remarkable career spanning over 25 years, Michael’s unwavering commitment is to put tradies like you at the forefront. His mission is to not only solve your current challenges but also anticipate the hurdles you might face in the future.

Michael’s expertise isn’t limited to one sector; it spans a diverse range of industries, from multinational corporations to senior management at La Trobe University. He has served as a CIO for a prominent health agency in Canberra and two utility organisations. In these roles, Michael led teams of over 50 dedicated staff, delivering services to more than 30,000 users and managing portfolios of hundreds of applications. His experience covers primary produce, manufacturing,

health, education, utilities, and information technology. 

Beyond his professional endeavors, Michael finds joy in tending to his small farm and supporting startups. He volunteers with Startup Gippsland as a mentor, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs in setting up efficient systems and processes to kickstart their journeys to success. With Michael’s guidance, you can be confident in navigating the path to business mastery.