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Are you struggling to juggle business operations while managing your trade? Cyder 

Academy bridges the gap. Designed by a tradesman for tradies, we've walked the same path, and we're here to guide you. No more costly mistakes; just proven strategies to grow your business confidently.

Cyder Academy is built for tradesmen looking to scale their business, work less hours and grow their team.Our model is simple: 

You need to transform from a subcontractor/tradie into a master of business. 

We’ll show you how.

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Work Less, Achieve More

Automate, Streamline, and Reclaim Your Time

Unlock the power of automation. Cyder Academy

helps you automate time-consuming tasks, from

project tracking to invoicing, so you can focus on what

truly matters - growing your business. Spend less time

on admin and more time doing what you love.

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Master Your Business,

Master Your Life

Strategies for Success That Won’t Take

Over Your Life

Cyder Academy empowers you to build a thriving business without it consuming your

life. Our courses cover accounting, marketing, and business development,

giving you the confidence to scale while maintaining work-life balance.

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Business Solutions

From Solo Tradie to Business Owner

Our systematic approach transforms you from a solo tradesman/subcontractor to a successful business owner. We cover everything from equipment and sales to social media and bookkeeping. It’s all about systemising your business and unlocking growth strategies.

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Cyder Academy

Ready to take action and grow your business with Australia’s

Leading Tradie Academy?

Our business coaching and mentoring, paired with our industry-leading

software, will accelerate your business without you having to invest more

hours. Download Our Course Outline to learn more.

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Why Cyder

Cyder Academy is led by founder Michael, a seasoned tradesman who understands your journey. We've combined years of industry experience to create the perfect product and training for tradies. At Cyder, you're not just mastering your trade; you're mastering your business.

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