Crafting Success From Experience

For most trades and construction workers, success is measured by the mastery of one’s  raft. But what happens when you realise there’s more to the journey than just honing your skills? That’s where Michael, our founder, comes in.


Master Craftsman

Michael started his apprenticeship in 1983, and worked in Industrial Refrigeration. Eventually, this led to his first business venture in his own labour hire business. He took on various projects and occasionally recruited teams for larger endeavours.


The Turning Point

Just after turning 30, a work-related accident left Michael with a serious back injury. It was a stark reminder of the toll physically demanding trades can take on one’s body. He had always known that planning for the future was essential, but his time for preparation had seemingly run out too early.


Master Businessman

Despite the setback, Michael was determined to craft a new path. He embarked on a journey of self-improvement, immersing himself in business and information technology. Years of dedication led to qualifications in both fields, providing the foundation for a new mission.

Michael has worked as the Chief Information Officer at several large corporations and has overseen the development of business systems across various industries.


Tradies Academy

Today, Michael stands in a unique position to share his hard-earned wisdom and experiences with fellow tradies. Cyder Academy is his way of saving others from the pain and uncertainty of starting, running, and growing a business in the trades industry.

Your Path To Success

At Cyder Academy, we understand that success is more than

just mastering your craft; it’s about mastering your business.

Join Michael and the Cyder Academy team on a journey

where knowledge meets experience, and where together, we

craft success stories, one tradie at a time.

Together, we’ll redefine what it means to thrive in the trades.

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