Odoo - Tips on Applying Filters


Provide tips on filtering


This how to will focus on the Accounting module however, these techniques can be applied across the entire system


If you regularly have a lot of bills, you may want to set up some additional filters. Before getting into the batch payment detail, here are some filtering tips to help find just what you need.

Apply the Unpaid filter

Apply a custom filter for unpaid bill on or before a given date

By default, each page will display only 80 lines. In many cases, there are much more than that. Follow this procedure to see all lines on a single page.

Click on the number to the left of the “/

Increase the number to something equal to or greater then the number to the right

8000 has been entered. The 8000 will become the maximum – 1548 in this case.


Just a few basic tips have been  provided. This blog will be updated from time to time so be sure to check in again for any new content.

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