Odoo - Supplier Bill (supplier invoice)

And Bills with Back-order Fulfillment


This how to describes the process of creating bills before and after back order fulfillment.


Just as our invoices become our customers bills to pay, suppliers invoices become our bills to pay. Likewise, supplier goods deliveries become our goods receipts.


  • A Purchase Order (P00002) has been created for 10 blue table tops, 10 red table tops, and 45 wooden legs
  • An initial delivery has been receipted for the 10 Blue Table Tops and 45 Wooden Legs, but only 5 of the Red Table Tops were received. A back order has been created for the remaining 5 red table tops

Creating a Bill

Open the Purchase module and then open the Purchase Order (PO)

Notice that there are 2 Receipts. One will be for the original receipt and the other will be the back order.

Click on the 2 Receipt smart button

There is one receipt marked as Done and the other is marked as Ready. (1)

As these products are configured to be purchased on Received Quantities, a bill can now be created for ONLY the goods received.

Return to the Purchase Order click on the Purchase Order number (2)

NOTE: the Received quantities are correct and amount the owing is $319.


Notice that the bill generated is for ONLY the quantities received and the total is correct.

Enter a Bill Date and CONFIRM.

Back-order Fulfillment

Since the previous step, another truck has arrived and Stores have processed the receipt. A bill can now be generated for the outstanding 5 red table tops.

Re-open the Purchase Order

Notice that the purchase order now reports that some of these items have already been billed.

Open 2 Receipts to see if the goods have been received.

Both are marked as done (1). We can now return to the purchase order and create the bill (2).


The second bill contains only the outstanding quantities.

Set a Bill Date, CONFIRM (1) and return the to Purchase Order (2).

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