Odoo - Goods Receipt

Supplier Delivery


    A Purchase Order (P00002) has been created for 10 blue table tops, 10 red table tops, and 45 wooden legs. 

    NOTE: In Odoo there are often multiple ways of performing actions. This process could also be carried out via the barcode app and would ordinarily be the preferred method. As this how to is focused on the financial side, this section is provided for context.

    Receiving goods

    A truck arrives with goods to be received.

    Go to the Inventory module dashboard and open Receipts

    A list will appear with all of the incoming receipts.

    From the screenshot above, there is one incoming receipt. Click on the line to open.

    1. Purchase Order number

    2. The Receipt number

    3. The Vendor

    The Stores staff have counted the incoming items and has found only 5 (Done) of the Table Top (Red) instead of the ordered 10 (Demand).

    The Stores staff will be prompted to either create a back order for the outstanding 5 red table tops or proceed with no back order.

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