Odoo Accounting - Send Remittance Advice


To demonstrate how to process batch payments via ABA files and how to send remittance notices. This blog also discusses how to send individual remittance notices.

Australian Banking Association (ABA) files are used to bulk load transactions at Australian Banks. An ABA module is provided with Odoo and will need to be installed to follow the process below.

Process Overview

Batch Sending Remittance Advice

Go to AccountingVendorsPayments

Select the payment you would like to send remittance advice for. Select Action → Send receipts by email

An email template with an example of the message body will appear. The system will automatically substitute all of the relevant details such as the vendor name, amounts, and signature.

Click SEND.

Sending an Individual Remittance Advice

Go to AccountingVendorsPayments

Open the payment and select Send receipt by email from the Action menu

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