Odoo Accounting - Create and apply Credit Notes


From time to time, credit notes from vendors will need to be registered. An example may be that credit note is offered as a partial refund in compensation for damaged goods received.
This document describe the process of registering a refund, also known as a credit note. 

Create a Refund (Credit Note)

To create a go to Accounting → Vendors → Refunds

Click on CREATE

Enter as much relevant information as you have

  1. Vendor Name

  2. Date

  3. Any reference information you have at hand

  4. A meaningful label, account, refund price, and taxes.

On CONFIRM, a Vendor Credit Note will be created.

Applying a Credit

Once a refund or vendor credit note has been create, future bills will display the following message:

Down at the bottom of the bill, a list of credit notes will be available.

Simply select the credit note to apply to the bill.

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