Odoo Accounting - Create an Invoice

Creating a Sales Order is useful when stock needs to be decremented upon the sale of goods. Sometimes a simple invoice for services or other non-stock related transaction is all that is needed.

This how to describes the process of creating an invoice directly from the accounting module.

NOTE: Keep in mind that products can be added to an invoice however, unlike a Sales Order, it will not automatically create a delivery order and will not decrement stock.

Create an Invoice

Open Accounting → Customers → Invoices


  1. Add the customer

  2. Add the invoice date

  3. Add the product (or service) (optional), label, account, quantity, price.

The meeting room in this case is a service.

Spruce Up an Invoice

Sections and notes can be added to the invoice.

It wont appear here but a sub-total will appear under each of the section on the customer’s copy of the invoice.

Click on the PREVIEW button to see the customer copy.

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