Odoo Accounting - Create ABA files


To demonstrate how to process batch payments via ABA files. ABA files are used by the Australian banks to make on or more bank transactions in a single batch.

Australian Banking Association (ABA) files are used to bulk load transactions at Australian Banks. An ABA module is provided with Odoo and will need to be installed to follow the process below.

Process Overview

Create ABA files

Go to AccountingVendorsPayments

Filter the list on ABA Payments To Send

Notice that some have already been batched and paid (the ones in the red box (1)). These can be ignored for now however if they were needed, they could be included.

Select only the payments which need to be included in this batch payment. (2)

Now select ActionCreate batch payment


A pop up will appear allowing the ABA file to be downloaded.

Should you need to re-download the ABA file, you can open the batch and select RE-GENERATE EXPORT FILE at any time.

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Odoo Accounting - Create ABA Supplier Payments